HI some great news the ILLA SCORZ E.P (which sold out on CD) is now up for pre order on the vinyl pressing site Qrates, how this works is if the 100 pre orders are met within 30 days, then Qrates will go ahead and press them and deliver them to you. This is a great opportunity to own ILLA SCORZ on vinyl. If you want to add to your vinyl collection and own the latest Scorz release forvever on classic 12″ then go ahead and get the order in. Click here HERE to pre order your copy

If the target of a 100 is not met then nothing lost as Qrates won’t charge you. After the 30 days are up and the project is either green lighted to go or will be forever be stuck in the land of the digital.

To read of a review of ILLA SCORZ and what it’s about read this review by LEFT LION MAGAZINE

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