A couple of years ago I came across a producer by the name of Mecca:83. Already with a underground following and respected by so many cool people it was a surprise to me how I could have not ever heard of this talented musician. I reached out to to Mecca to make a couple of songs for my album Aeon:Peace To The Puzzle

Mecca produced the song “Good Grammar” and a ill Boombap beat for the song “Saturday”.

We often spoke about doing a joint project with me on the vocals and Mecca on the beats and this new release “Cherish The Moment” is a taste of how magical that combination is. This is 4 track E.P with 2 vocal songs and the instrumentals.

The first track “Cherish the Moment” is a crafted piece of musical art. Lyrically seeing me tell a tale of the softness of the human heart when missing those you love in this expanse earth over spine tingling Violins played by Classical Musician Maria Grigoryeva . Mecca:83 sculptured a timeless 4 minutes of genius. Uk Scratch Dj and producer DJ Jabba Tha kut sprinkled the finishing touches and added some New York flavour with some dope cut’s.

Track 2 is where mecca:83 really brought out his MPC sampling style With a Boombap and Chill hop vibe he graced us with a reflection of his many mysterious musical personas within his productions. With live pianos and bass being played by Italian legends The Mixtapers and guest vocals from Baltimore’s spiritual master BoomBap Poet Ill Conscious Da God it is a track that needs to sit in every hip hop fans library.

This E.P is very special to me, almost a Jewel within a locket within a never ending spaceless and timeless world. What sit’s underneath this Coronet of craftsmanship is the potential for me and Mecca:83 to produce a body of work that will have me reaching in my spirit to compliment the impeccable style of beat making.

This E.P is available on all outlets Simply Click Here to enjoy, stream and most of all share Mecca:83 with your musical comrades. This is one producer we as a musical community should Cherish.