Aeon:Peace To The Puzzle 12″ Double Vinyl + Gangsta Wraps 12″ Vinyl Bundle


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Aeon:Peace To The Puzzle Double Vinyl (Signed) + Gangsta Wraps 12″ Vinyl.

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Official studio album by Scorzayzee 

16 tracks over two vinyls. Contains names of all kickstarter backers including digital download backers.

In 2015 this album was the result of Scorzayzee’s infamous kickstarter campaign. These are the last few copies of a 500 limited edition press. 

“He never really Departed. And if Salvador Dali and Spike Milligan were examples to go by, a hint of madness never hindered artistic expression. In fact, that’s what made them geniuses. Couple this with Scorz’s relentless work rate and you have the final piece to the puzzle. Take a step back. Admire the mosaic in all its lyrical beauty” – UKHH MAGAZINE


Scorz takes out Ronald Mcdonald, The Burger King and Colonel Sanders in one hit. 

This 4 track 12″ Vinyl features two tracks off Aeon:Peace To The Puzzle that aren’t featured on the Double Vinyl album. 

The two tracks are “Gangsta Wraps (take The Throne)” and “Double Dragon” featuring Chester P and Cuts By DJ Woody

Plus an exclusive Remix of “Equestrianism” featuring Jehst, Micall parknsun, STAN and Liverpool Battle rap legend Oshea.

The Follow up track to Take The Throne “Take The Crown” Produced by DJ Fever also features on the 12″. 

All vinyls will be signed by Scorz. 



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