The world’s longest posse cut!…Official

It’s official!! I am proud to be part of what is currently the worlds longest Posse cut. The Previous record was held by The Roots until Uk Hip Hop Emcee¬†Eskar¬†brought together 15 Emcees to break the record. The were certain rules that the posse cut record had to adhere to in order to be officially the worlds longest. The emcees on the posse cut in order are: Scorzayzee Sandy Minto.. Read More

The Night I met the coolest man alive

I was bopping my head to a new set of beats I made. My dream? to be taken seriously as a producer because as a rapper I’ve lived the dream several times over and need a new world to discover. I sent my E.P Illa Scorz to a few radio DJ’s who downloaded it and send their gratitude. Then came Saturday, Saturday morning radio is only really dominated by one.. Read More