I was bopping my head to a new set of beats I made. My dream? to be taken seriously as a producer because as a rapper I’ve lived the dream several times over and need a new world to discover. I sent my E.P Illa Scorz to a few radio DJ’s who downloaded it and send their gratitude. Then came Saturday, Saturday morning radio is only really dominated by one show the man with the coolest voice and the coolest show. Huey Morgan on Radio 6.

After a few chores and missions I got home to a flurry of tweets and messages that Huey had chosen one of my songs as “meat of the Week”. I rushed over to the computer to catch the playback. after skipping through to see which song was getting played, I heard none other than Johnny Cash. Typical Huey, only he can play Johnny Cash an then some Nottingham hip hop head straight after. Huey introduced the song with words that meant more than any accolade in music.

“Its a 100% independent production; the beats and rhymes are all by the same man. Its been produced without a record label; the way it should be.”

Listen here at 01:46:34

It had been accomplished, my production was getting some props, after a little nervousness and the whole  “Michael Jordan going into baseball” fear. I had a major DJ and even more major musician showing me respect.

I have to shout out the producer of the Huey Morgan show. For those that don’t know when you submit tracks or songs it’s usually good practice to contact and send them to the producer of the radio show, these guys put in the work so the DJ can run a smooth show. So major shout out to Tom Whalley for listening and putting the E.P the way of the man himself.


Speaking of Tom Whalley fast forward a week into my release, it was Friday and I had plans for Saturday, I was to pack a big suitcase full of Illa scorz Merch and head to Nottingham for a independent label event where I had a stall booked to sell physical copies of my music.

I gets a message from my partner in Wraps Capitol Steez

“Yooo Scorz The fun loving criminals are playing at rock city tonight, it would be great if you could come a day early and go thank Huey for playing your music, Tom Whalley can arrange it for you”

You legend Tom, I went from pottering in my studio thinking of ways to shift music without big corps and suits to getting ready to go down Notts and go out to a concert.

I splashed a bit of the old Paco Rabbane on, got my stuff together and headed to the train station. The train was quite busy so I sat at a table opposite a lady who was marking university work. I put on a podcast (Hip Hop saved my life podcast by Romesh Ranganathan) and chilled out. check out the podcast it’s dope !!

The train stopped at Sheffield and a young couple sat down at the table, I moved across and let them have some room. The couple started talking to each other and mentioned they were going out in Nottingham, so the lady opposite me gave them some food suggestions and places and mentioned her husband and son had gone to the fun loving criminals concert. “I’m going there too” I butted in with excitement. I then told them the story of getting mentioned on the radio and how I was planning on meeting them. They looked well impressed so I then tried to make a hustle sale and pulled out my Cd’s. They looked and said they would visit the website and then we all chatted until our stop in Nottingham. Damn man I thought I was 7 bucks in luck. They say God loves a trier init.

I reached Notts and hooked up with Capitol Steez and dropped my merch and stuff at the Gangsta Wraps soon to be opened kitchen. Steez picked up a couple boxes including his own brand of Gangsta Wraps beer, I knew his plan he was gonna hook up the Fun Lovin Criminals with a box of his beer and get some priceless co sign for his brand. Check for Gangsta Wraps here

Ste headed round the back of The Rock City venue with his box of beer and left them with the hells angels security team who regularly work there. They are a bunch of hells angels/security hard bar stewards who probably pound you into the floor first…then ask questions. We both then went round the front got our wristbands and headed into the venue.

2000 people waiting for the fun Lovin criminals and then bammm they came on stage. Steez starts shouting to me “look shit look shit they came on with my bottles of Gangsta Wraps beer in their hands” Yep they made Steez’s night they were rocking rock city with his drink and shouted us out a good few times in their set.

After a tearing down Rock city with some classics, Huey starts talking to the crowd ,the whole building hypnotised by the coolest voice in music, bigging up the FLC drummer Frank Benbini (looking like he’s straight outta Brooklyn but actually originally from Leicester !! ) Huey also shouts

“yoo where’s Scorzayzee at”?

I wave my hand from the side of the stage, and thought let me go up front stage and holla him from there, he might invite me on stage and buss a freestyle ha. Well I ended up in the mosh pit when Scooby snacks came on. Somebody took my Illa scorz hat off my head and threw it on stage. For the remainder of the set my Scorz snapback was the mascot on the stage until I got it back off security at the end.

One of the highlights of the night was Huey explaining the track “King of New York” a song about John Gotti

“la di dadi free John Gotti” goes the hook. He told the crowd he had to attend a meeting about the song with the Gotti Family. and lived to tell the tale. King Of New York video

After the show and a good few attempts to convince the hells angels security we were invited to go see FLC backstage, Brian Leiser the FLC bass player came out and met us and told us they loved The film Le Donk and Scorzayzee Le donk and Scorzayzee trailer and that the Gangsta Wraps beer was a creeper, We went downstairs into the dressing room and I shook Hueys Hand and thanked him for playing my music. We had a little chat about this and that, and I also got to meet the drummer Frank who was also a fan of Le Donk and Scorzayzee and was dropping quotes from the film. I gave everybody fist bumps and headed off into the Nottingham Night.

The Next morning I set up shop in the city centre and sold a handful of new E.P’s and a couple of hats, I met a few people from the Scorz Fam Facebook who came through to show some love.

It was a nice week. it’s a wonderful life…